About Berry Farmers

The Berry Farmer is one of the earliest units able to be hired.

The berry farmer plants bushes which grow instantly and immediately begin producing berries, making berry farms the best early game food solution as they can be gathered from the day they are planted and require no extra processing to be eaten. As a side effect of their fast growth and gathering they also provide very little food value, only 0.6 per berry making them not a permanent food source and is recommended to move onto wheat farming when it is best opportune.

Berry plots can be placed as small as 6x5 (6 Bushes) up to 5x10 (10 Bushes) Due to placement constraints (Or something else) the largest plot you can place has to be a 5x10 as a 10x5 does not seem to work.

It costs 1 Berry seed per bush, you get this seed back if you break the bush.

Side Note on efficiency : As per the latest update, it appears to be most efficient to place 5x7 plots. This will maximize the number of bushes placed with the least space wasted due to how the farmers plant the bushes automatically.

Side Note From TheGeneralZinn

When placing a berry farm it will now let you place a 5x10 on Grass Tundra See pictures Below

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