About Colony Survival

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Developer Pipliz  
Publisher Pipliz 
Platforms Windows 10, Steam OS
Released 16 June, 2017 (Early Access)
Genre RTS, Survival, Early Access
Modes Single-Player, Multi-Player
Price $19.99 USD
App ID 366090
Links Steam YouTube Website


New 0.4.0 Update out now for Colony Survival!

Check Steam Page for Update Post! Link

Game Mechanics

The core of the game is that you place a flag to establish a zone of control. You hire colonists with food to automatically do various jobs, such as crafting, farming, tree growing, cutting, baking, base defense, research and more. Monsters will spawn every night a certain distance from your flag beginning at 30 blocks, increase when certain research are achieved. They attack the player, the player's colonists and the flag. If they reach the flag every hit has a chance to randomly kill a colonist. Time is exactly 120 times faster in Colony Survival than in real life, resulting in a 12 minute day/night cycle. A day lasts for 7 minutes and 30 seconds, and a night lasts for 4 minutes and 30 seconds. Colonists will only work during the day and will go to sleep in the nearest bed at night, except for any guards you have set to guard during the night and sleep at day


  • List Of All Colonists All colonists are 2 blocks tall and have the same base model. They all have the same HP of 100% and move at the same speed (as of version 0.7.2).Colonists aquire food and luxury items from nearby grocers throughout the day and sleep in their beds when the sun sets and Unemployed Colonists are automatically assigned to jobs when available. Colonists need 2000 calories worth of food each day to remain alive and happy, while porviding 3000 a day will increase their happiness further.


  • There is currently only one type of monster in Colony Survival, the Zombie but it comes in up to 9 varieties.


  • List Of All Blocks That are impassable but can be jumped on by Zombies, colonists, and the player.




  • List of all Research Options that are available to give access to different blocks, items and colonists


  • Beginners Guide to Modding

Base Building

  • List of all base techniques Building your base/castle/village right can prevent your colony from getting killed by monsters. List of all base techniques

Updates and News

List Of All Updates (Needs immense updating, Just check "List Of All News" below)
List Of All News
List Of All Future Updates (Also needs updating)


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