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A Crafter is one of the units immediately available after starting a new game.

Crafters craft items for you on a workbench. They transport their materials to and from the nearest crate.

They can make the following:

Item Crafting Material Crafting Material Crafting Material
Sling Leaves Temperate
Sling Leaves Taiga
Firewood(6) Planks
Sling Bullet (10) Stone Bricks
Copper Nails(3) Copper
Copper Parts (2) Copper
Copper Tools Copper
Bed Planks (3) Straw (3) Copper Nails (8)
Crate Planks Copper Nails (4)
Bow Planks (2) Bowstring
Bowstring Flax (2)
Furnace Stone Bricks Copper Parts (4) Copper Nails (4) Tin (2)
Planks (4) Logs Temperate
Planks (4) Logs Taiga
Torch Planks Firewood (3) Copper Parts Copper Nails (2)
Workbench Planks Copper Nails (2)

Copper Parts

Copper Tools
Science Lab Planks Copper Parts (5) Copper Tools
Linseed Oil Flax (3)
Coated Planks (3) Linseed Oil (3) Planks (3)
Adobe Linseed Oil Dirt
Plaster Block Stone Bricks Gypsum
Red Planks Planks Berry
Black Planks Planks Coal Ore
Oven Stone Bricks Copper Parts (4)
Grindstone Planks Stone Bricks
Bronze Anvil Bronze Ingot (5) Copper Nails (8) Copper Tools
Kiln Dirt Bronze Plate (4) Copper Parts (2)
Splitting Stump Log Taiga Bronze Axe
Splitting Stump Log Temperate Bronze Axe
Tailor Shop Coated Planks Flax Copper Tools
Techhnologist's Table Coated Planks Bronze Plate (2) Copper Nails
Bloomery Bricks Bronze Plate (4) Copper Parts (2)
Gunsmith Shop Coated Planks Bronze Plate Steel Parts
Mint Planks Bronze Plate (3) Copper Tools (3)
Shop Planks Linen (4) Bronze Coin (5)
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