Production rates/ratios for various jobs

This isnt to important to the game you can build as many of anything as you want but i was curious and started doing test and maths to figure out ratios if thats what people are interested in.

Note: All the averages have been done with a very nearby crate and bed set up, so results may vary on distances so use these rates at very rough estimates especially large sprawling set ups.


A berry farm plot of 5x10 produces on average 40-45 berries a day, at 0.6 food per berry, 1 plot will feed 5 colonists.

A wheat farm plot of 10x10 (100 tiles) will yield 100 wheat ever third day, which after processing into flour then into bread at 3 food per bread, 1 max plot yield enough food in one harvest to feed 24 colonists in a single day or 8 colonists over the 3 day growth cycle.

A forestors plot of 10x10 will produce on average 30-35 logs per day.

A flax farm of 10x10 (100 tiles) will yield on average 40-55 flax


A miller turns 12 wheat into 12 flour every cycle averaging out to be 288 flour processed each day


Note: For the miners i placed crates down on the level they worked, for beds i put one on the layer they worked and on the surface

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