About Roadmap / Future Updates

This page is for updates that the game developers said they want to add (most if not all have no release date).

Builder colonists

These Colonists would place and remove for you (you will still be able to design your builds) you can share and download builds from the Steam Workshop.

More monsters 

  • Faster ones which run faster
  • Strong ones which deal more damage
  • Stronger ones which deal more damage then strong ones (WATCH OUT)

Improved stockpile

Make crates more realistic


  • Sheep and other animals
  • New job from raising sheep
  • Raw and cooked meats

Better terrain generation

  • Change the currently used 2D+Heightmap based algoritm to something that makes the world more intresting
  • Biomes get unique resources (ores,animals,plants)

Better multi-player experience

  • the ability to declare (non-roleplayed or pretending) war on a other player's colony.
  • the ability to trade (non-rolplayed or pretending) with some other player's colony 
  • the ability to kill or assassinate an other player (king).

Keeping colonists happy

Keep colonists happy so they can be more productive, so you can tax them, and so it'll be less expensive to recruit new colonists.


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