Zombies - know your foe.

The Zombie is currently the only Monster in Colony Survival.

Zombies are undead humans closely resembling the appearance of colonists, with the most noticeable differences being a different colour scheme, glowing eyes and the absence of shirts on some of the zombie types.

The zombie spawns at night and slowly lumbers towards your flag, eating all of the colonists in its way.

The amount of zombies depends on the amount of Colonists. However, having no colonists doesn't stop the zombies from spawning. The current colonist to zombie ratio is unknown, the main difficulty of determining that is the fact that a random amount of zombies spawn naturally, but the closest estimated formula is - (number of colonists)*2.

Zombies can spawn in any 1x1x2 space as long as it is not in your colonies "safe zone". This includes underground and underwater.

Zombies typically spawn at night, unless the "daytime monsters" feature is enabled (in which case they spawn 24/7). However, zombies do not die at daybreak, so it is advised to keep guard at all times against the ever growing horde.

Zombies have several variants ranging in colour and health points, their damage is however identical all around - 2 hits to slay a colonist.

The current zombie types are -

  1. The common green shirt zombie - the weakest and most common among the assailants, easy to take down but a crowd of them can easily overwhelm an unprepared colony.
  2. The yellow eyed zombie - this type of zombie is less often seen and has about twice the health of a common green, it's defining feature is it's glowing yellow eyes.
  3. The Red Ghoul - One of the rarest zombies - it has very high health, and looks like a red skinned colonist with no shirt and red glowing eyes.

(editors note - The zombie types are not up-to-date)         

Important notes          

  • Zombies can spawn anywhere outside your safe zone, but their spawnrate is boosted when player is nearby.         
  • Zombies don't seem to despawn even if there is no players in their vicinity.          
  • Zombies cannot spawn on a space that has no path to the banner; this includes trees and 2 block deep holes.         
  • Zombies are currently the only enemy in Colony Survival, and will probably remain the only ones.         
  • Zombie AI is based on the closest target to them - if there are no colonists nearby they will just flock to the banner, however a colonist 5 or more blocks away will grab their attention and force pursuit.         
  • Zombies don't spawn in hoards all at once, they spawn every few seconds during the night, even when close to dawn.                  
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